My name is Mari Cruz Garcia (aka Aaricia Thorgalson). I can be defined as a fine blend of learning technologist, new-born Buddhist and social activist.

I have a strong technological background and seven years of academic studies, including a degree, master and a PhD research project (without thesis).

I speak English,español und ein bisschen Deutsch. I also like to use French expressions to look more glamorous and sophisticated than I really am.


  • I want to live in a society ruled by justice, trust and compassion, rather than fear and punishment.
  • I want to work where I am considered a human being, and not a “human resource”.
  • I want to believe that an organisation/company is a group of people who share a vision and work together to achieve that vision.
  • I want to work in projects where people can still think “out of the box”, and self-awareness and personal growth are still permitted.
  • I want to be “into people”, not “into business”.
  • I offer honesty, integrity, passion, energy and I believe that hard word too (or so say my previous employers).
  • I can be moody and challenging sometimes, when I am confined to bleak crowded offices.